COMAT is a brand of excellence in design and construction of machines, production lines and automation plants dedicated to cheese making business and dairy industry.



Passion and commitment as well an attitude to continuous innovation, total quality methods and customer coaching, led to an increasingly growth and open up new markets and business.
Since 1990, the company subjects its products to an ergonomic and technical restyling and is constantly expanding solution’s range.
At the same time, the top managers have been constantly engaged in scouting actions, looking for new markets, competitive scenarios and high value added businesses.

COMAT now is a flagship in the worldwide quality food engineering sector.

The corporate mission is to improve the business quality of cheese makers and support them to achieve their goals.
International synergies and networks and big investments in technology, marketing research and engineering hardware & software are the trump cards to consolidate the position and to further accelerate the role as a “clever” partner in advanced consulting services, general contracting and customization of plants and production lines.