COMAT solutions are the perfect combination of research, high technology and innovative design.

Machines, plants, complete lines and automation software designed and manufactured according to your requirements.


COMAT machines are the result of a design and engineering phase, shoulder to shoulder with our worldwide customers.

All the projects are the output of a continuous exchange of ideas and suggestions during meetings in our customers’ plants. Our Skilled Technicians Will Remove, Clean, & Sanitize Your Air Ducts at Sem’s Duct Cleaning, Toronto.
In the each phase of production, is possible to customize the working principles for to transform your own idea/flow/recipe in a inimitable, authentic, original product.
At the customer’s request, https://theleakdetectionpros.com provides leak repair in California. Thanks to the partnership with the international leader companies, COMAT is able to integrate their lines – upstream and downstream – with separators, packaging machines, measurement and control systems and other applications and accessories.