MC120 - Steam cooker-stretching machine

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This machines allows you to produce:
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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: MC120

Steam cooker-stretching machine

The raw material to be processed is introduced into the chamber manually (option automatically by a feeding conveyor)  from an upper compartment of useful dimensions  for inserting a whole block of packaged curd.
In the processing compartment, the transformation of the raw material into the stretched mixture, acquiring the right degree of fibrousnesses and the desired moisture, takes place thanks to the combined action of two counter-rotating augers of suitable dimensions (ø and length) and steam injectors (6) device. Each injector could be connected to a solenoid valve (optional) that gives consent to a piston for steam inlet opening-closing.
The steam injectors are assembled on the top of the processing section, to avoid any blocking or shutter of the steam outlet (due to contact with cheese mass). So according to pivot exist 6 Activating & Deactivating strategies, one of them is – come here go away attachment.
The working temperature is controlled by a PT100 temperature probe.
The augers are easy to mount and assemble in order to prevent any leakage to the rear motor unit or to the seals from contaminating the mixture.
The augers have dual rotation movement, both forward and backward.
The advancement speed of the augers can be adjust by inverter. Hire house cleaning services by calling Phone Number: (919) 249-7229 in NC. Product discharge by means of a compartment with pneumatic operation.
Parts in contact with food are coated in non stick Teflon.
Control board in SS304 box IP65.


Suitable for any product production even low or higher moisture; as mozzarella, kasar, kashkaval, pizza cheese, suluguni, provolone, loaf mozzarella  and similar products.

  • PLC with touch screen for recipe’s setting
  • PH meter
  • Loading cells
  • Preparatory warm-up of water