M42B - Stretching machine

soft dryer cheese paste stretching machine
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This machines allows you to produce:
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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: M42B
Capacity: From 500 up to 2000 kg/h

Length: 3350
Width: 1200
Height: 2900
Weight: 850
Power supply: 7.5
Voltage: 380V-50Hz or different

Soft dryer cheese paste stretching machine

According processing and technological requirements, stretching area is designed with single or double vat; and with double couple of  dipping arms.
Cheese mass rightly cut by paste cutter assembled downstream machine and feed by elevator with an auger with a diameter of 300 mm is treated by two counter rotary augers which proceed also to  a pre stretching treatment before final stretching treatment, done by two stretching area where are installed  couple of cheese vats for each.
During the process it is possible to control visually the productive cycle at each moment.
Machine body designed with double jackets to waste no humidity. Complete of hot water preparation system with water diffusers into cooking and stretching area. Ability for recycling of processing water; and complete or system for recovering and recirculation of stretching water (under customer and technological requirements). Fat water is taken away through waste pipes and movable pipes which allow to regulate the level of the liquid into the vat and it is recovered in a vat connected to the sanitary recovery pump which evacuate it.
Parts in contact with food are coated in non stick Teflon.
Adjustable speed for any processing function (on request machine can be completed by inverter if not include in model).
Control board in SS304 box IP65.


Very soft cheese paste like traditional mozzarella or dryer paste for pizza-cheese, pizza mozzarella, kassery, kasar, kashkaval, suluguni and similar products.

Technical features:

Made in stainless steel AISI 304, 3 mm thickness.
Couple of augers for cheese mass cooking and pre – stretching.
Stretching by double couple of dipping arms.
Complete of curd cutter with constant speed and with feeding auger  with speed regulation by inverter.
Augers and arms working speed regulation by inverter.
Panel of control in SS Box IP65, complete of any control for processing, and thermoregulation unit for water stretching.
Double wall in pre stretching and curd cooking area.
Augers with a diameter of 200 mm.
Manual regulation of the flushing processing water.
Vat for recovery of whey connected to a centrifugal sanitary pump and controlled by level feelers, with chance to work or not with recirculation of the processing water.
Teflon-coating on augers, mixing arms and machine body, sun blushed in area not in contact with cheese.
Mechanical and electromechanical protections on dangerous areas.
Stainless steel platform.