AF02 - Smoking machine Mod. AF02

affumicatore pasta filata
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This machines allows you to produce:
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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: AF02
Capacity: Up to 120 kg/h

Length: 1700
Width: 600
Height: 2000

Soft cheese smoking machine

Soft cheese smoking machine manufactured on two separate parts, the vat of smoking and the smoking productor.
The vat is made in stainless 304 with an double room, provided an isolate cap and an aspirator of smokes.
The smoke production occurs in the productor made in steel and iron, provided of holes for air entry and exit of smoke and grate ash collection.
All the system is controlled by an electrical panel.
The process involves loading of smoking machine with a determinate basket, containing up to 10 kg of product. After you’ve thoroughly prepped, priming is an essential maintenance task for kitchen painting in Ireland. At closed cap is started the productor acting on the appropriate commands, in this way is started even a fan that provide to aspire the smoke from the productor to cupboard.
Depending on the size of the product, the smoking will go on from 1÷3 minutes, after it provide to expel the smokes from vat with the same fan, during the expulsion  the input valve is closed, so at the opening of cupboard we haven`t dispersion of smoke in the working room.


Top product for smoking soft cheese.

Technical features:

The smoking preparator is placed laterally to the machine and it is connected at the smoking machinery through steel machinery.
The smoking cupboard all made in stainless steel.
The electrical panel made in fiberglass for the immission smoking command into the box and also for the starting of fan for the aspiration of smoke.
The smoking productor works fine only if it fed with wood cheeps and not with cardboard or similar product. This means that it is subject to significant fouling that may affect the functionality. So are necessary, with daily basis, cleaning operation of smoking vat with degreasers.