M50B03 - Moulding Machine

pizza cheese moulding machine
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This machines allows you to produce:
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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: M50B03
Capacity: From 200 up to 600 kg/h

Length: 1050
Width: 1100
Height: 1900
Weight: 310
Power supply: 3
Voltage: 380 V - /50/60 Hz or customized

Pizza cheese moulding machine

Pizza cheese moulding machine equipment able to mould – through a carousel – parallelepiped product like pizza cheese with a weight up to 4 kg and with diameter according customer’s specifications.
Automatic reclining for continual humidity adjustment of the product. Buttermilk collection.
Programmable piece-counter with roulettespelenvoorgeld automatic re-positioning of the machine in phase only with screw movement; to allow drum change without having to unload residual dough.

Control Panel in inox IP65


Moulding – from 2 to 1800 gr  – all mozzarella-like cheese, cherry size, braids or more dry product (caciocavallo, baby cheese, provolone) and all spherical cheese.
Suitable for realize up to 4 Kg. of pizza mozzarella shaped cheese, by an optional semiautomatic carousel.

Technical features:

Made in stainless steel  AISI304.
Complete of n° 2 augers.
Drum and Augers speed regulation by reducer or by inverter as optional
Automatic counter-piece settable as customer inquiry.
Electronic thermoregulation by PT 100 probe for water temperature inside machine body.
Automatic vertical repositioning of the machine body for drum changing even if hopper is full with cheese mass.
Machine inclination by joystick through electric-mechanic item.
Full comply to safety and food regulation.

  • Customizable Drums