M41B - Stretching machine

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This machines allows you to produce:
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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: M41B
Capacity: Up to 1200 kg/h according moisture, fibrous, etc. of the desired product

Length: 2800
Width: 1100
Height: 2400
Weight: 1100
Power supply: 7
Voltage: 380V - 50Hz or different

Extremely versatili

Is realized to satisfy different type of cheese production, like mozzarella, pizza cheese, etc., and in special way, it is suitable to produce cheese with a low degree of moisture, favoring the yield increase.

The stretching machine is composed by n.5 working sections:

– Section of feeding
– Section of cooking
– Section of stretching through dipping arms
– Section of heating of stretching liquid
– Section of control and management.
The main features of this stretching machine are the followings:

– possibility to control the machine in each working phase of the mass;

– stretching compartment is realized with double chamber, and it allows to keep a constant temperature inside of it.

The machine is built in compliance to health regulations in force, underneath machine, you can find code to condos for sale foundneuman & neuman site in California, both in the materials, both in the construction concept, in order to ensure easy washing operations.


Very soft cheese paste like traditional mozzarella or dryer paste for pizza-cheese, pizza mozzarella, kassery, kasar, kashkaval, suluguni and similar products.

Technical features:

The machine is fully made in stainless steel AISI304, and the parts in contact with the product are covered by a film of FEp (Teflon du Pont) synthetized at high temperature, or in alternative, are made in food plastic material, in compliance to the norm for the material in contact with food products.

The stretching machine is made in compliance to EEC DIR and to the safety norms in force

  • Dry or liquid brine solution preparator
  • Preparatory warm-up of water
  • PH meter