UNICA FV05 - Compact unit with steam cooker and moulding machine

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This machines allows you to produce:
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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: UNICA FV05
Capacity: Up to 50 kg/h according moisture, fibrous, etc of the desired product

Length: 1150 mm
Width: 760 mm
Height: 1200 mm
Weight: 120 kg
Power supply: 10 kW (included steam generator)
Voltage: 380V – 50Hz or different

It’s composed by two working sections, one of steam stretching and the other one of moulding of the finished product.

The steam cooker is a machine designed and realized to transform fresh or frozen curd, or foodstuffs, to obtain any type of pasta filata cheese. The raw material to be processed, is introduced into the loading door and, thanks to the augers moving in the compartment, and thanks to the steam inlet, is softly treated, passing, from a compact and granular consistency, to a product with high moisture and temperature. The working temperature is managed through thermoregulator positioned on control panel, and it is kept constant thanks to the use of a double chamber in the stretching section, in order to avoid thermal dispersions towards the external environment. Once achieved the set temperature, the output of steam is stopped through the electrovalves assembled on steam pipeline, and also in absence of steam, the machine continues its working cycle until the customer wants.

Once finished the stretching process, the cheese mass is directly sent to the moulding section, and so, to the hopper of moulding machine which composes a single body with the previous section. The best roofing company in California you’ll find on https://619roofing.com/. Is possible to obtain, thanks to its versatility, different products like: mozzarella and fior di latte, pizza cheese, hard cheese like scamorza and kashkaval, melted cheese and foodstuffs.

The cheese mass, once introduced into the hopper, is pushed towards the final section of the machine, through two augers with adjustable speed settable on control panel, up to the moulding drum that turns continuously. The drum is composed by alveolus that have different diameter and shape in according to the production needs.

This machine has integrated an autonomous system for the production of steam.


For production of mozzarella and similar product.

Technical features:

It’s made in stainless steel AISI304, and the parts in contact with the product are covered by a film of Teflon synthetized at high temperature or, in alternative, are made in food plastic material, in compliance with the regulation for the materials in contact with foodstuffs. Any part of the machine is designed to facilitate the cleaning and sanitation operations after its using, in addition to the easy of demounting of the parts in contact with the product. The motorizations are closed by protection carter made in steel, both for the safety of user, both to avoid the oil infiltration in the mechanical parts. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with all the safeties necessary for the user.