M22TR1350 - Moulding machine with pre-hardening head

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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: M22TR1350

Year: 2003
Warranty: 6 months, with the exception of electrical components
Revision: no
Sold out: yes
Transportation Included: no
Machine Condition: Fair
Available at: Comat
Delivery time: Ready to delivery

Machine for continuous moulding and pre hardening of pasta filata cheeses, with variable weight and shape (cylindrical shape cheese and/or block shaped cheese).

Technical features:

Machine is designed and manufactured in three independent bodies:
-Feeding section of the cheese mass both with double jacket and heated and thermo regulated through PLC, where a couple of augers movements cheese mass to extruder section
-An extruder section, in independent way, with double jacket and heated and thermo regulated through PLC for feeding of the drums
-A carousel drum section for cheese moulding and pre hardening.
Thermoregulation even through warm water circulation or through steam circulation.
Augers section feeds continuously a carousel (pre hardening head), complete of several moulds.
The feeding and extrusion sections are completed of a double pneumatic system for the regulation in independently way.
Full comply to health and safety regulation in force.