USA 001 - Fixed Double Bottom

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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: USA 001

Length: 1260mm
Width: 1990mm
Height: 1800mm
Year: 2004
Warranty: Guarantee of 6 months, with the exception of electrical components.
Revision: no
Sold out: no
Transportation Included: no
Machine Condition: Good
Available at: Comat
Delivery time: 60 giorni dal pagamento
Price: 2999.99

Double Bottom built in stainless steel plate, with a semi-spherical form to favour the hot/cold thermic exchange to transfer to milk or whey, in addition this form favour the curd discharge and the ricotta surfacing.

Technical features:

The insulation is realized with mattress in rock-wool, this beside to have a high insulating power doesn’t deteriorate in time and doesn’t compact downward in mode to don’t let not insulating sections.
The insulating assure a high energetic recover.

In order the CEE and anti-industrial accidents norms the Double Bottom is supplied of thermic insulation extended to the heating walls.

The Double Bottom is mounted on n. 3 adjustable stainless steel feet.