COMAT considers total quality its main asset.

Excellence of technological solutions and efficiency of services provided to customers are the result of the continuous development of management processes and systems, maximum motivation and attitude toward continuous innovation.
This means discipline of listening and change.

At the hearth of our approach there’s respect for our workers community and future generations. All our working processes – from engineering to production and logistic – are monitored to have a low impact on environment.
For your business, for your trust, for our common future.


icona-pdfSince 1998 COMAT adheres to the System of Quality UNI ISO with a specific certification for all phases of processing company, from the design of standards of the machines to testing at customers sites, to the management of technical support service and, in 2010, was certified ISO 14001.


icona-pdfIn the USA market, the machines are designed and manufactured in compliance with the legislation 3-A SANITARY STANDARD as required by FDA.


COMAT designs and manufactures machines and plants, which comply with EU directives, regulations and decisions and with the laws in force in customer’s country.