STICK200 - Moulding machine for stick with slide system

stick cheese moulding machine
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This machines allows you to produce:
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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: STICK200
Capacity: up to 200 kg/h

Length: 1500
Width: 1300
Height: 1800
Weight: 400
Power supply: 6
Voltage: 380 V - 50/60 Hz

Stick cheese moulding machine

For the production of cheese with small weight and small shape. The concept of design able to define according to the customer requirements different shape (rectangular, cylindrical like a cigar, etc).
This drum, through its specific conehead configuration (attachment to the feeding hopper of the moulding machine) allow to transform a standard moulding machine in a extruder moulding machine.
This conehead section is assembled to an extrusion channel completely heated. This channel is double walls version. Inside double walls, circulate hot water to maintain the temperature as customer define. The temperature must be defined on panel of control. The temperature remain constant through electrical resistances which heats the water up to temperature setting.
On the extrusion section length is assembled the moulding section. This moulding section is composed by special parts made of alimentary polyethylene.
The first section (on the bottom) is a slide, who must cut the cheese in right way and in the same time push the filling-moulding drum in unloading position. This movement is assured by an independent pneumatic system complete of position sensor, to define the right movement area (unloading position and bring back drum in filling-moulding section after ready cheese unloading).
On this moulding section will be realized holes with diameter and length according to the customer requirement.
The filling section is complete of a particular system for weight bearing, to be sure that all the pieces have the same weight.
Inside any hole, are assembled pushers made of stainless steel. Each hole is independent, thanks a full space between each one.
In any time the weight regulation can be done always, during feeding operation too.
When drum is in unloading position, a pneumatic system shove down all the pushers, in order to eject all cheeses from the holes, to the bath line. After the cheese release operation, moulds are filled again.


For production of hard pasta filata cheese with variable weight from 10gr.  up to customer’s requirements. According to customer’s requirements is possible to customize the shape of the product (round-oval-parallelepiped-cylindrical-cigarlike etc).

Technical features:

The machine is made up of:
– a machine body with heated double hollow space working basin, where there are two moulding sections each one with two augers;
– moulding area with independent heating of the wall and with fresh water circulation around cheese pieces
– electric plant, including the controls for the motorization (inverter) of the augers and for drum. For any processing point, for temperature control and set (in augers section and extruder-moulding area). Panel of control complete of PLC Siemens and touch screen.