M22TR24B - Moulding machine with pre-hardening head

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This machines allows you to produce:
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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: M22TR24B
Capacity: Up to 2500 kg/h according moisture, fibrous, etc of the desired product

Length: 3500
Width: 3100
Height: 2450
Weight: 1750
Power supply: 4.5
Voltage: 380 V - /50/60 Hz or customized

Moulding machine pre-hardening head

Machine for continuous moulding and pre-hardening of pizza cheese, provolone, suluguni and other kind of cheese with a low degree of moisture, with variable weight and shape (cylindrical, rectangular, etc.). Capacity up to 2500 kg/h, ranging of the block cheese: from 1 up to 5 kg.

Machine is designed and manufactured in three independent bodies:

  • Feeding section of the cheese mass  both with double jacket and heated and thermo regulated through PLC, where a couple of augers movements cheese mass to extruder section
  • An extruder section,  in independent way, with double jacket and heated and thermo regulated through PLC for feeding of the drums
  • A carousel drum section for cheese moulding and pre hardeningThermoregulation even through warm water circulation or through steam circulation.  The temperatures in each section, the feeding one and the extrusion are independently set by PLC assembled on a general panel of control. So that is possible to work at different temperatures in the two main sectors.Augers section feeds continuously a carousel (pre hardening head), complete of several moulds.  Chosen drums (according customer requirements) are radially welded on the carousel. Even carousel and drums are coated with no stick  Teflon and sandblasted outside.

Moulding from 250 to 5000 gr for mozzarella, clipped mozzarella, string, stick, spaghetti and pizza cheese, loaf mozzarella, suluguni, kasseri, kashkaval, caciocavallo, kasar, and similar product, even rectangular – circular or square shaped, with dimension according customer’s requirements.

Technical features:

Made in stainless steel  AISI304.
Drum and Augers speed regulation by inverter.
Automatic counter-piece settable as customer inquiry.
Electronic thermoregulation by PT 100 probe for any temperature parameters must be set and check.
Filling and ejection area are complete by two independent pneumatic regulation device, which detect the weight, height  and load. Filling control system, is complete with many sensors how many are drums welded on the line; to have every product with same weight.
The drums during all entire process are surrounded by pre-hardening water, which is provided inside the machine by a specific stainless steel device, complete of PHE and pump.
For bigger capacity or under customer requirement, pre hardening can be done with a shower system; to rain any drum with water under temperature and quantity set in PLC.
An operator can easily do managing the production by using the PLC a touch screen panel assembled in the electric panel having IP65 protection degree. Through Touch Screen is possible set and display every processing parameters, and is possible also have a continuous record about productivity, cheese shape and pieces produced, even other critical processing parameters.
Machine can be supplied with CIP cleaning, on board or with exterior CIP utilities, complete in last solution of equipment for mould handling.