M21C2 - Moulding machine for hard cheese

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This machines allows you to produce:
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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: M21C2
Capacity: Up to 200 kg/h

Length: 950 mm
Width: 2050 mm
Height: 1800 mm
Weight: 350 kg
Power supply: 3 kW
Voltage: 380V – 50Hz or different

Moulding machine hard cheese

Moulding machine hard cheese and cheese production suitable for the production of spun paste cheese like, kashkaval from 250 gr up to 2 kg (on request up to 5 kg), spherical products like mozzarella from 20 up to 500 gr, and parallelepiped products like pizza cheese from 100 gr up to 3 kg.
The machine is composed of:
– body machine with working vat where is located two augers
– feeding hopper
– conveyor heated by a water cavity
– system for overturning of the moulding tools, obtained manually
– cavity heated by electrical resistances
– counter pieces
The moulding head can be predisposed, in according to desired production, with moulding tubes for cylindrical products. The disk where are located the moulding tubes, turns with a moving intermittent. The height of the finished product is adjusted by user in according to production needs. If you looking for pool contractors serving Louisiana visit reliefpools.com/. In case of spherical products, the moulding head is composed by a drum which turns in continuous, with the alveolus above to the loading section.


For production of Kashkaval, pizza cheese, suluguni, kassery and similar product.

Technical features:

Machine fully made in stainless steel AISI304, in compliance with EEC regulations in force. All the parts in contact with the product are covered by a film of Teflon du Pont synthetized at high temperature, or are made in food plastic material.