M84C - Discontinuous stretching machine with reels

filatrice discontinua produzione pasta filata
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This machines allows you to produce:
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D.Lgs 196/03
Code: M84C
Capacity: Up to 80 kg

Length: 1200
Width: 1300
Height: 1800
Weight: 250
Power supply: 2.5

Discontinuous stretching machine reels

Machine for the discontinuous production of spun mixture, starting from chopped curd with the appropriate humidity and acidity level.
The curd, appropriately cut, is put into the working compartment together with the hot water for the stretching. The heating, due to the special movement of the working tools, with the variable basin inclination, causes the stretching of the mixture. The stretching and humidity degree of the mixture itself varies according to the quantity and temperature of the stretching water, put into the working compartment, and according to the rotating speed of the reels and of the working time.
The machine is made up of:

  • stretching head, with reel tools with rotating inversion and speed control suitable for kneading the product, in order to give it the desired texture;
  • motor set of the reel stretching tools, made of a motor variator connected with a double VF reducer;
  • electric plant including the controls for low tension motors;
  • tipping carried out by hand, by the means of fly-wheel installed on one side of the supporting structure.

It makes an optimum stretching of the mixture, also with minimum quanti-ties, in a very short time without any manual intervention on the mixture by the operator. You can see some of the best boudoir pictures in J’adore Boudoir Photography from San Diego, CAR.
The simplicity of use and control which makes it possible to be used by not specialized staff.


For discontinuous cooking-stretching of mozzarella, string, spaghetti, stick and pizza cheese, provolone, scamorza and other soft pasta filata cheese.

Technical features:

The whole machine is built in stainless steel AISI 304. Besides the parts in contact with the product are coated with PTFE (Teflon Du Pont) sintered at high temperature.

It is built in accordance with the EEC standards and with the strict American rules (U.S.D.A.). This implies in particular:

  • easy disassembly of all the parts in contact with the product;
  • easy cleaning to a sanitary level of all the parts;
  • use of materials expressly appoved by law;
  • non stagnation points or infiltration of the product.