For your Business

Contractors, managers, cheesemakers and technicians are all well conscious of the value and the importance of a partner able to transform their business ideas in technologies and solutions with excellent performances.


» COMAT is the testimonial of a knowledge oriented business culture and is committed in a continuous sharing process of know-how, information and relationships able to realize and further accelerate the customer’s business projects, from the start-up phase to the industrialization, from the rationalization and testing of all production processes to the customization of products and recipes.
» COMAT invest in the development of a network of consultants, constantly present shoulder-to-shoulder with entrepreneurs, managers and technicians to support the success of contractors and customers through advanced services providing assistance, support, research and training.


» COMAT is committed in the organization of meetings, focus groups, training sessions and workshops useful to cooperate with customers and to identify the critical working factors and find a shared, efficient, sustainable and – often – innovative solution.
» COMAT, thanks the experience and know-how acquired over the years, also acts as General Contractor on all typology of dairy production. The company will undertake all responsibility of plant designing and production lines engineering and deliver all turnkey to the customer.